Sunday, January 12, 2014

"The Wolf of Wall Street." Don't do it.

Leonardo DiCapricio chats up a prostitute. 
Perhaps later he'll snort coke out of her ass and we'll get to watch

I couldn't agree more with David Edelstein on "The Wolf of Wall Street," which he calls "a veritable orgy of immortality." (NY Mag) My daughter warned me against seeing it and made a reference to prostitutes, so of course I stubbornly went anyway. I then waded my way through not just every use of a prostitute's valuable time imaginable, but the complete objectification of every female in the movie (okay not the one adoring real estate agent who Belfort, as played by DiCaprio, takes under his suddenly angelic wing). I found myself going along with it with the rest of the audience, I get it! It's funny how much easier women are to screw with no bush! But afterwards, I realized I should have listened to my daughter.